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D.O.B- 1921 A.D.

Most of the nepali people spread all over the world have heard about "HUMJAYEGA". The Nepali people are very much fond of Humjayega's jokes, from the old person to the children of class-II or class-I studying in schools they're very much familiar with the name. "HUMJAYEGA"............many people even don't know whether "HUMJAYEGA" was a real person or a fictional character..... So this work of mine is kindda tribute and to make people know who "HUMJAYEGA" actually was.

"HUMJAYEGA" is nodoubt a humorous comic character that is very much popular among the youths of Nepal, Darjeeling, Sikkim, Doars, Kalimpong, Assam and within the Nepali's spread all over the world. The word "HUM.....JAYEGA" simply means "I will go". Although for some people he might be just a comic fictional character but to tell you about his fact he was a real person, his real name was "Dal Bahadhur Gurung" a.k.a "Humjayega" who was born in the year 1921(pre-independence period) in the tea garden of Chungthung tea garden (Darjeeling), his ancestors were from Panchthar, district of Nepal. It was his grand father Mr. Dhaujbeer Gurung who migrated along with his family in 1814 A.D. from the native land i.e. Nepal and settled in Darjeeling. His father's name was Mr. Man Bahadhur Gurung.
His adolescent life was full of struggle, hardship as he left his studies from third grade itself, his family aws very much poor and due to the factors like frustrations, tensions, he left Darjeeling in search of better livelihood and the result he landed in the crowded streets of "Calcutta" in the year 1936, as he was only 15yrs old. He was in Calcutta looked up by saint called "Prabhuddanda" as he took Humjayega to Bhawanipur an consigned Humjayega to his uncle's cab.
The Second World war was on the air and every unemployed people were seeking employment as a British soldier. So, within this crowd, there was Humjayega himself trying to provve his wits under the same but he failed because he couldn't reply in English to the British Officials, later, with bower of frustrations, he again with the help of British officials, he joined the "Baligung Engineering College" an dstudied there for a year and at last he was recruited in the army. His after life as an army went in a smooth way he was employed as a driver and whenever any British Officials had to go on a long trip, they would ask "who wants to go?" an dat this time he would simply reply...."HUMJAYEGA"(I will go).
After the Indian Independence (1947),he returned Darjeeling in the year 1948 and undertook the same proffesion of a cab driver at the Club Side Motor Stand(Syndicate). In this new circle of friends he was known by his nickname......."HUMJAYEGA".

THere are many small kitties to his name, he was the first man to take the vehicle to the Summit of Tiger-Hill and apart from that he was the first ever person to take a vehicle to Tumling as well.(No cab driver was ready to trudge their vehicles to Tigerhill or Tumling because of the risk of the journey but Humjayega though he was new, he took the vehicle and returned safely). Later, from 1984, he started acting in humorouos Plays, Satires, Films etc. He has even acted in Kollywood Nepali film "KUSUME-RUMAL" and by the help of these factors he criticized the nagative aspects of teh society in a humorous way. He drank excessively, he was very much aware of it but was unable to improve himself. He is survived by his seven daughter's and three sons.
Due to excessive drinking,he lost his life, wealth and the great fictional legend passed away in the year 1992 (april).

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