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Thee, a sign of water
Flowingly permeates me.
Colourless yet transparent
Nothing to hide... Water...
Water I find in you.

Quenching my thirst
I find water in you.
A drop of you forms myraid ripples
Abstract ripples...

The colour of my life
Along with water Immemorial
forming ripples
It is how my life flows.

Water is all I find in you...

Sheer Feelings... Minute Feelings...

Author: Dweep Subba / Labels: , , , , ,

Sheer feelings… Minute feelings…

Silent talks is there in the lips

Whilst not been provoked

Only takes a glimpse from the eyes

While with you, whilst with me,

It wants to hear few expressions

Exhibiting appearance till lips

Would disembark she!

Uniting voice with the arm of its voice

Toil thou!

Whatever the talk is

Its sheer feelings… minute feelings

Like fragrance it is,

Hovering in the winds

Cologne which is dumb stricken

Even you know the address of it

And the information, so do I

Thou cannot be veiled from the world

Don’t know… What furtive is it…

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