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Choki Sherpa and Sujana Rai, the flower sellers.


It’s very hard to see people selling colours and happiness to people but there are some who sells contentment, happiness. Choki Sherpa and Sujana Rai have been selling gladness, a sign of bliss to the other people (customers) from the past six years. They have settled their shop beside the S.T.N.M. Hospital below the Fly over. One can see variety of flowers like Jarbera, Rose, Lilly, Anthranium and some seedlings of seasonal flowers in this mysterious place. The place is usually crowded with the hodge podge of tellurians, vehicle’s honk etc. They have now taken the business as their vocation and further while trying to understand about their life. We came to know the following fact files.

Chunki and Sujana started the vocation blindly by just thinking of engaging and making life full of activity. As time passed by, they slowly went on realizing the bitter truth of life; they had and still have to face various difficulties. They rope in flowers basically from various places of Sikkim like Daramdin, Namchi and Dughalakha etc. Even the varieties of flowers keep on changing on the basis of season and climate. Chunki further stated that People in Gangtok enjoy buying flowers and people from all walks of life come to buy flowers. She further affirmed the business to be delicate as the flowers gets damaged oftenly and if we demand 400 flowers than its very usual that out of the total flowers quarter gets damaged in the first hand only. But still, their passion is as such that it can even defeat the worst of challenges.

On the background where it’s difficult to find Government jobs, Private jobs in Sikkim in particular and the world in General, These Flowers sellers undoubtedly sets a perfect example to all the people to utilize their creations in a best way possible and further proved to be a best example of the quote “Become a job giver rather than a job seeker”. The shop keepers have now given job to two or three job seekers.
It’s just beautiful to see people buying flowers for their loved ones who might be waiting for them in home, hospital or in a Café. A flower has the potential to change the mood of men from awful to wonderful. Masochisting the pain behind, person like Chunki and Sujana still ushers multiple happiness to the people of the city. Such is the life of the Flowers Sellers and the beauty presented by the flowers. 

As “Kahlil Gibran” upon flowers has rightly stated: - “I am the lover's gift; I am the wedding wreath; I am the memory of a moment of happiness; I am the last gift of the living to the dead; I am a part of joy and a part of sorrow.” 

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