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The place abundantly filled with nettle
It is where our ancestor happened to settle
Turning its face towards Darjeeling
The rustic sensation from “Moh-Bhir” flies with its wing
Gumpa Dara nestled in its head
People to Barsey enroute do tread.
The heart of the town
A five minute long bazaar wears a gown
Colorful myriad gown
Majestically, the heart of the town (1)

Stretching its one hand towards Timberbung,
The tune of “Haakparey” do the Limboo’s sung.
The melody of “Dohori, Haakparey” flows
By the rice, paddy field that glitteringly glows
To “Tharpu” just below its navel
The bucolic tunes just like Aesop’s fable
Suddenly arouses the man from their babble. (2)

The city of light
To the further does it bright
“I don’t want to remain in here”,
In damp; Malbasey utters in fear
Playing its reed while herding the cow
Making the enthused spirit of Budang low
What has happened and gone wrong?
Oh Shamans… elucidate the gist of the song (3)

The natives then play the tune of Malshree
Evoking the content reminiscence of by gone days
The Limboo carrying its kettle drum plays,
The myriad beat of animism.
Malbasey hereof smiles in the shade of pantheism.
The sound from the Kettle drum
And as the then tunes of Malashree hum
Mingling with the swirling flowing Rangvang rivulet (4)

The gorging and swirling “Rangvang” rivulet
To its foot positioned like bed
While Tharpu and Budang at times
Malbasey during weekends
And Timberbung, once in a blue moon
Rests their head in the bed like rivulet
While Soreng looks upon
At the bed shaped rivulet
Soreng… About to utter but calm
Obelisk and quietly stands tall. (5)

  1.  Soreng – It lies to the West of Sikkim. It was previously known as “Sore-yong”. A name which was kept        by the Lepcha’s as the meaning in Lepcha - the place full of nettle.  
  2.  Lepcha – The aborigines or the natives of Sikkim.
  3.  Barsey – The Rhododendron sanctuary in West Sikkim.
  4.  Darjeeling – The famous Hill station faces Soreng face to face. Darjeeling also known as “Gundri – Bazaar” during the past yester years.
  5.  Moh – Bhir – “Mohbhir” and also known as “Bhir Dara” is the ultimate face of Soreng. It may be one of the highest precipice in Sikkim and is very unique as it attracts a lot of tourists.
  6.  Timberbung – A small mainly Limboo inherited village in Soreng.
  7.   Tharpu - A small mainly Limboo inherited village in the outskirts of Soreng.
  8.   Budang - A small village in the outskirts of Soreng.
  9.  Malshree -A beautiful tune played mostly during the celebration of Dashain. This tune gives a melancholic reminiecenes of Dashain and Tihar which is observed by the Nepali people once in a year all over the world.
  10.“Haakparey”- A limboo way of singing song which is full of rhetoric and prosody
  11.Dohori – The Nepali name for folk song which is sung between two arch rivals as they continue to thrash                                    each other by words used in their song.
  12. Malbasey – The birthplace of former Chief Minister of Sikkim. Shree Nar Bahadhur Bhandari.
  13. Rangvang Rivulet – A small rivulet that flows by the foot of Soreng.


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