They marched on and on
They ruled their ages
With a pride being a Spartan,
They would conquer unimaginable heights.
With a sheild of armour and courage within.
They marched on to demolish,
The 300 Spartans marched on to demolish the "Persians"

They conquered the Iron mountain,
Devil hill's and the Satan land.
They would break the path of thee Holiness
And do what their courage wants them to do
The "Persians" marched with the armies,
The armies of entire "Asia"
Yet, they did knew
But their courage was challenging.

The fist site of the war with the "Persians",
They broke down all the barriers.
The anger of courage could be seen,
As they crushed apart the devil's army
And made a mountain of dead Devil's and Satan's.
Few gave their life, few injured
And the one left as a Hermit to Sparta.

The fire can still be seen,
The second site of the war.
Arrows overshadowed the skies
But could not break the shield of armour.
They fought with "XERXES" Asian army,
But The 300 spartans did not bow as a Coward,
Rather died as a Valour.

"300" It's basically a movie featuring the past life of the brave army of "Spartacus" or "Sparta" who were referred as "SPARTANS". The raw chivalry that is seen, is the most romantic factor that makes the mind go completely blind. The dominant courage, Virtue, Valour is most prominently featured..............The Hero Leonidus is th sum-total of all the courage,valour and virue. Their words are thought-provoking,dignified and reflective.

The film shows the romance of Chivalry and the Dignity that a man should posess.


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