"The Sanctum of Art"

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My First book entitled "The Sanctum of Art" in collaboration with Pempa Gyatso Lepcha.


The story content in the various books deals either in the name of “Art for Art’s sake” or “Art for Humanity’s’ sake”. The book “The Sanctum of Art” deals with both types of narrative description and is a compilation of the features displaying Post Modern themes and style in Prose and Poetry. It further portrays the post modern factors like angst, absurdity and existentialism etc. The chapters in the book are all related to realistical issues except for the topic of Tibet which has been taken from the Documentary “Kekexilli,” The Mountain Patrol”.
Furthermore as quoted in the book!
Inside all human lie sublime feelings and only the one who sticks to it can express them freely and this inner tranquil place being called "THE SANCTUM OF ART". So, at this point people, readers maybe curious about what might be the inner core of the Art? There is nothing that can be hidden and there is nothing that cannot be known. Well, the sanctum of Art from the views of the reader may refer to various passionate things. It depends upon the way how they perceive the Sanctum. An Art has no limitation and in the same way Madness and Creativity are infinite and boundless. Art defines what human values and morality fails to define. There is nothing above and beyond art because the way of being Human is also an approach of Art. An art has the capacity to lend hand to the people to hold on to their Dreams, It has the capability of reaching itself to the unseen and further bringing the hidden to life. The passion and their march towards liberation of writers like John Milton, Shree Laxmi Prasad Devkota and Shree Aadi Kavi Bhanu Bhakta etc. Are we to define or term their passion as Madness or Creativity?

The Book as written by Dweep Subba in collaboration with Pempa Gyatso Lepcha has tried to label the definition in the following way –

Madness… Every day we try to learn something new gaddingly. In this march towards liberation which is swayed by passion in every voice, image, talks, gossip, situations becomes an allegory behind every writing and painting.

Creativity ... speaking for those who can't,
lending a hand to hold on to their dreams
and reaching out to the unseen...
bringing them to life,
assuring them that they are remembered,
for they too belong here
and that's why God created colours.

Madness and Creativity belongs to God, It is the Key of His creation.

Furthermore, the book was released on the eve of 198th Bhanu Jayanti Celebration in Soreng, West Sikkim. The book is now available in various book stores in Gangtok, Namchi, Darjeeling and Siliguri etc. The Book is an epoch and has been looked up as an artifact globalizing the literary taste of the Himalayan state.


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