She Writes… A Collection of Short Stories

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She Writes… A Collection of Short Stories.

She Writes… A Collection of Short Stories.
ISBN  : 9788184001242
Binding : Paperback
Price   : 299
Imprint : Random House India
Subject : General & Literary Fiction

The twelve featured writers are: • Anisha Bhaduri • Amrita Saikia• Geeta Sundar• Yishey Doma • Sheela Jaywant • Prarthana Rao • Aprameya Manthena • Chitralekha • Belinder Dhanoa • Santana Pathak • Jyotsna Jha • Shreya Manjunath


“She Writes” is a collection of short stories featuring the work of twelve contemporary female writers from across the country (India).  Random House India in association with MSN in the month of May 2012 had conducted a short story contest to hunt for India’s twelve finest women writers.  The twelve stories were selected from the thousands of entries. Finely blended, the book says every woman has a story to tell, the stories are based on three themes.
The themes are –
i)                   Woman in the City
ii)                Growing up in India
iii)              The man in my Life.

According to the theme, one can find stories like - a woman trapped in a stifling marriage makes a shocking discovery, a repressed memory is suddenly brought back by a dead tree, a self-styled nun finds unlikely love in a Tibetan monastery. Rich and deeply evocative, “She Writes” is a celebration of some of the most exciting writing talent in our country.

Preti Shrenoy in her introductory note scribbles words like “Each of these twelve stories here are remarkable in their own way. They are stories from women like you and me, based in different places like Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Bangalore and Gangtok”. True to her words, the stories are diverse giving a taste of the particular geography, myriad lifestyle and theme which has been woven deeply with the various stylistic characteristics that is superior enough to give a reader a second thought on reading the distinctive beautifully weaved stories. Certain evocative quotes were used as the catalyst for the upbringing of the collection of short stories. The quotes were taken from the Man Booker winning Book God of Small Things, Gone with the Wind and a quote by Oscar Wilde. All the stories revolve around the three quotes and one can find the incorporation of each topic somewhere in the stories.

“She Writes” has juxtaposed the myriad existence in a single shack of paper. Anisha Bhaduri, Sheela Jaywant, Yishey Doma, Dr Geeta Sundar among the twelve writers are published writers. While talking on some of the stories, the first story by Anushka Bhaduri has a newly wed middle class Bengali couple and their honey moon stay in Darjeeling is quite an interesting read. However, the protagonists name is spelt as Konika at times and as Konica in different sections of the story. Jyotshn Jha‘s story “The tourist" is about an Anglo-Indian girl Michele who unwillingly visits India and falls in love with a doctor but later finds out a shocking fact about him that shakes her. Stories like "White Chilly" by Dr. Geeta Sundar is a nice story that tells about an inexplicable bond between two women who meet during their walk, Yishey Doma’s story “Mantra’s of Love” portrays the anecdote of Yangchen, a nun, and Philip, a photographer from New York, who finds love in the hills during a trek to Dzongri. The other stories in “She Writes” are also very interesting after all they were selected from the thousands of entries from across the country.

So readers’ take your time, as the twelve dynamic stories will very much fit in with a cup of Tea or a Coffee. You won’t find any stereotype stories as the themes applied in it are vibrant, apt and the stories have no endings. The Collection of short story “She Writes” has the supremacy to quench the thirst of short story lovers and the publishers MSN and Random House in making the book available to the global audience. The Book “She Writes” is available in various book stores all around the world; all you need to do is visit some of it.



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