“Susheli Ra Sushkera” (Whistle and sigh)

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“Susheli Ra Suskhera”
A collection of short stories

Susheli Ra Sushkera (Whistle and Sigh)

Writer – Gahar Singh Subba “Udhasi”


Published by: Srijana Publication, Pragati Chowk (Soreng)


Year of Publication: 2012
Subject: A collection of short stories
Binding: Paperback
Price   : 100/-
Printed at: Graphics Printers, Durgaguri (Siliguri)

Gahar Singh Subba "Udashi".

“Susheli Ra Sushkera” (Whistle and sigh) is the latest collection of short stories written by Gahar Singh Subba “Udashi” also a Bhanu Puruskar Awardee, 2002. His writing has a philosophical outlook and his usage of typical Gorkha words and nuances makes his work applauded and well read in the bookshelf of Gorkha literature.

The collection contains a total of 33 short stories which are very much realistic in approach. The stories have been woven with stylistic characteristics like stream of consciousness, metaphor, allegory, de construction and many more. While existentialism, Modernity, psyche, Diaspora etc are made the theme in the various stories.

All the short stories are presented in various ways which undoubtedly gives an abundant insight of the writer in his understanding of the society. One of the story namely “Antarwarta” (Discussion) is stitched to a quote: “Man is born free but everywhere he is tied in chains” and has the leader (politician) of the people as a protagonist of the story. Likewise, some the other stories in the collection are “Rapture” which portrays the countryside life in search of the past memoirs finally realizing the memoirs to have sheltered in rapture. Aaj ko Shree Krishna ra Sudhama (Today’s Shree Krishna and Sudhama) is another short story which is just opposite to the Old story of Shree Krishna and Sudhama, trying its best to showcase the present reality of the society. Gaon ghar ma aajkal (These days in home and in Village) is yet another brilliant short story which is written with utmost craftsmanship and apt. It states the dwelling of life in materialism, it has a theme which is universal in approach namely diminishment of brotherhood, moral and ethical values.  

These were the synopsis of the three short stories out of the thirty three other Goosebumps. Gahar Singh Subba “Udashi” is well known for his usage of classic words which can be observed only after you take a look of this collection of minute short stories.


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