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Identity, today has become a hot topic in the society. Each and every people wants to know their identity, a quest for Identity is an illusion still people of different caste or religion wants to have their own individual Identity. A quest for Individual or narrower Identity will lead to disintegration of the social and ethical values that has structured our society from it's primitive ages and in the certain course, quest for Broader Identity i.e. "WE" gets lagged behind, when "WE" lags behind Unity among diversed caste and religion starts to find it's place in the Backyards of the society and the only thing that we see is Disintegration.

The society is a place which gives birth to newer Literati's and future aspirants. So how can a society sharpen the future aspirants when the society itself lays emphasis in the quest for absurd Identity. The absurd narrower Identity which has no Plural importance, Absurd narrower Identity which disintegrates our society tied with the knots of Brotherhood... "QUEST FOR NARROWER IDENTITY IS AN ILLUSION". Let me take you to my society, the society which has endowed in me everything that I do presently possess. We have diversed people following different religion, wherein the people or an individual of different caste lays emphasis upon the development of their own community i.e. "I" community and in the course they forget about "WE" community. The Limboo community wants their own Development, the Bhuita Community wants their Community to supersed other community, the Lepcha community also lays emphasis upon "I" development, the Tamang Community has ego problems and wants to grow higher than the other community... How much high does the Tamang community wants to grow, that is still a mystery Chettri, Magar, Rai, Gurung, Newar community etc. Everyone has joined the race, A race for individual or "I" glory. Moreover it's a quest for narrower Identity which is nodoubt an Illusion. I have never confronted a community that lays emphasis on Broader Identity or "WE" Identity but sooner or later I hope I will confront...!

Before I was given a name and the caste which was later added I was a simple human being and it was the society which made me what I am today. I want people to understand the Identity matter in a broader way, I want you to understand that "I"(micro) falls in "WE"(macro)category or you can understand by saying, I am a small unit of my society. So,lastly let us understand the true value of Identity for the wealth to creation lies in "Broader Identity".


Rajen Upadhyay said...

Nice one Dweep......Carry on....Good Luck

Dweep Subba said...

Thank you Sir...

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