SOMEWHERE IN THE WOODS..............Dedicated to the flora and fauna of Sikkim, especially North Sikkim.

Author: Dweep Subba / Labels: , , , ,


As I see the world pass by,
I still wonder all alone.
Surrounded by faces all around,
Yet, aloof I am.
The reminiscence haunts me,
For my past is stucked,
Somewhere in the woods.
The woods, beautiful woods,
Beautiful than the costly life...!

I did roam all alone,
Yet, never felt alone.
The trees, the creepers, the bushes,
accompanied me.
The chirping of the birds
And the murmuring of the cataract...
captured my senses.
Alas! I was lost,
Somewhere in the woods.
The woods, beautiful woods,
Beautiful than the seductive rose and it's life...!

Somewhere in the woods,
I left myself.
Somewhere in the woods,
I lost myself.
Somewhere in the woods...
It's pervasive.

The Zeast - By seeing the raw and aesthetic beauty of my state Sikkim, especially North Sikkim. My mind and the senses got captured by it's primitive beauty and I was lost, for the sound of the cataracts, the chirping of the birds and the raw flora totally dominated and made my heart go completely blind... I owe a deep respect to our natural resources but presently the aesthetic beauty is on the lap of extinction. Though there is Subjectivity in the poem but there is more detached or objective feeling which speaks mainly about the Beauty of North Sikkim which is getting demolished by the on going Hydel-power project...!


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