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Who can describe what taste is?

- let me -
The time is 2:14 pm , 7th May 2011.

Well, right now I am standing with one of my friend Chawkumoo, in the vehicle stand in Gangtok. The vehicles horn, the hodge podge of homo sapiens ... too crowded. The smell of Public Toilet and besides was a strange,conventional smell coming from one of the open Canteen of the Taxi stand. We saw a group of people sitting on a half erected concrete wall, everyone's face is filled with delight, hunger and greed. There he is ... "Bhaiyaa", busy making Sikkimese traditional food known as "Sya - Faley". The people's queue some are raising their hands... they have been waiting, they have the Money the mouth tends to be watery.

He puts Falley into the Hot Oil, cooks for about 5-10 minutes and the hot "Faley"is seen chewed by the mouth of the Hungry Jacks. They chew ... it's hot, it's damn tasty, the chilli pickle gives much more taste to the mouth watery "Sya - Faley". They eat, still they are eating. One goes the other person is grabbed upon by the aura of the mysterious place. The nearby areas has good hotels but still Bhaiya's Open shop attracts more people rather than the attractive hotels and shops.

What attracts the people, the people are attracted to an Open shop, Unhygenic Shop knowingly. Strange... The Aura !

Reference :-
1. Sya - Meat , Faley - Dough which is made to cover the inner ingredients.
2. Bhaiya - Brother in Hindi.


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