Here comes the Rain.

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Weeding season has begun,

For the meadows to lie upon.

Wild cherries bloom with rustic fun

At daylight the beauty gets brightened by the Sun.

With the onset of dusk

The rain washes away the beauty and all its musk.

Life is not yet quenched...

Life calls thee ... oh Rain ... oh Rain!

Zonkeyed by the nectar of Bacchus.

The deities of Shangri-La,

Awoke from your slumber

For the weeding season has just begun

Far in the West

Awoke Oh, Muse from the holy springs.

To the North

Wake up, Shamans of Animism.

Let there be Rain

The crops in the field lie in Vain.

Let there be Rain

Life for instance tends to be Maim.

Chimal, Rhododendron in the West

Berserk and enigmatic it seems.

To the south lies Tendong and Samdruptse’s nest

And deep within a ray of Hope gleams.

Hope, a melancholic hope of the South.

The path leading northwards rustle

Veil covers the beauty and couth,

Anger, hope, expectation adjacently placed

Yet thou seem too loath.

Oh shaman, muse of the holy spring

Your Occult bestowed by the God’s.

Let there be Rain that shall zing.

Enchant Oh, deities

Encircle the clouds...

Recite Oh, Shaman,

Till the anger, pain within the cloud sprouts...

Let the enchantment gain momentum...!

Thunder and lightning emanates

the pain felt...

Here comes the rain

The melancholic rain

Giving might to Teesta, Rangit.

Sweeping away the Rustic rustle,

Quenching the thirst of every life.

Rain... Ablaze rain,

Here it comes

Defining pain, hope, expectations...

Here comes the rain.


1. Bacchus :- The Roman God of Wine.

2. Nectar :- The wine of the God's.

3. Shangri-La :- An Imaginary distant beautiful place, where everything is pleasant and you can get everything you want. The Sikkimese Mythology states Holy Mountain Kanchendzonga to have a secret door which takes a person to the Shangrila.

4. West, holy springs :- Kcheophokri, holy lake.

5. Shaman :- a person who has special powers to control or influence good and evil spirits, which enables them to discover the cause of Illness, bad luck etc. Shamanism is a form of religion that the Shaman practice and the same sort of animistic practices are carried by Shaman's in Countryside areas of North and West Sikkim oftenly.

6. Teesta, Rangit :- The Two great rivers of Sikkim.

7. Tendong :- Holy Mountain in the South District of Sikkim having its root embedded deep down in the History and Mythology of the Lepchas of Sikkim.

8. Samdruptse :- The statue of Samdruptse is located on the Hilltops of Namchi and is believed to be a religious leader, preacher of Buddhism.


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