Martyrs and My Revolution…

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Martyrs and My Revolution…

Born in this immense land                                                                                                                                           
Sprinkled with the blood of martyrs, is the enormous land
The sea of hugeness and prideness of this land infinite, pure and chaste
Where blood of brave martyrs and their commitment we find. (1)

Bejeweled with Hill, valley, river, springs, mountain and plains                                                                  
Teaching Ahimsa, Love and Unity to the world
 Edifying the power and strength is this Great Gandhi’s land
Such is the homeland, uniting various religion, culture, language and tradition
Whereby there flows pure Ganges and Yamuna instigating the message of yielding.
But! (2)

Today the condition of this land is blasphemous                                                                                                               
The heart of this motherland is grief stricken and tortured.
It seems the image of brave martyrs getting diminished before thy sight
It seems the bravery and valor of the brave martyrs living out to be only an Oral story
With people paying no heed and veneration (3)

In the name of the homeland trampling thy selfish wish and dream                                                        
A son defying the oddity of his land seems to diminish
Since we find no one to transform the dream of brave martyrs into reality
Absconding Vanity and untruthfulness, embracing thy arms of Truth and reality
We find no one!
The karmic land of the martyrs today has been a chopping board of the meek and poor
Where a raped woman, we find wailing upon thou smell of avarice and sin
Where we find suffering of a juvenile boy upon the famine of hunger and thirst (4)

In this country which instigated and accentuated “Satya Mev Jayate”,                                                                   
It seems the land only being ruled by (Asathya) Untruthfulness
In this holy land where humanity aroused
Shrinking of Humanism is what we find
In order to fulfill the dreams of thy martyrs
Our civilization is need of a warrior (5)

I will borne a revolution and forever be a revolutionist                                                                                  
Shall cleanse away the name of unjust and unfair
Shall put an end to wants of the suffering martyrs
Even, shall wipe the tear of the weeping mother
And continue to erect the wall of truth and mercy. (6)

But my revolution will not be that of guns and bullet                                                                                      
But that of knowledge and intellect
The ideals will not that be of Hitler but shall espouse the morals of Ahimsa
My revolution shall carry and fabricate the inferno of Peace and completeness (7)

My friend now is the time not to scatter and ramble                                                                                      
But a time to join hand in hands and arm with arms
Now the time is not about you and me
But the time is to proclaim our message of courage and guts. (8)

I shall now assert my upheaval and lit the fire of revolution                                                                         
The warmth of the fire shall not heat you but shall provide gust of air
The revolution won’t abide the selfishness and egoism like mine
But shall endow in it the values of serving with pride (9)

If given a chance to meet a valor death during revolution                                                                             
Will, I gladly accept,
And after death a truthful proof of my love towards my land
To Almighty I would at last gladly espoused (10)

… I shall hereof be a revolutionist and shall give birth to a revolution.


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